How have your connections nourished you?

I’ve been extra mindful recently of all the amazing stuff I learned as a result of relationships with other people.

Maybe it’s my love affair with baking bread that was nourished by helping my grandmother bake when I was a wee sprout… or, speaking of sprouts, I have been enjoying home-grown sprouts on *everything* lately, and I learned how to do that from my friend Anita who passed not that long ago.

The list goes on, and on, and on… and that’s probably true for many of us. I mean, we can learn lots of things from self-exploration (or youtube.. ha!), but we also pick up tricks, tips, ideas, skills, knowledge from the people with whom we spend time.

I find this to be an excellent companion for grief, this awareness that my connection with someone, something, or someplace left my life better as a result, even if the connection is somehow paused, or even severed. It doesn’t dishonour the loss, it just gives more emotional real estate to the goodness, the growth, and so on.

I know when we experience serious loss, it can make us less willing to reach out and make new connections, for fear of re-engaging the hurt that we know can come from it. I hope that I can come to those opportunities in the spirit of… well… hopefulness, bearing in mind the joy that could flourish.

Oh, and the sandwich I had for lunch? Thanks to everyone who shared something of themselves over my lifespan to help that happen. It was delicious. ♥

She/Her | Chief Happiness Officer | Keynote Speaker | Engagement & Organizational Excellence

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